To improve health care for all, New York is moving people’s health records from paper to electronic form.  eHealth – the term we use to describe the use of computers and computer networks, instead of paper, to store and share people’s health information electronically – is coming to New York in many ways.

We have created this website – ehealth4ny – to keep you up-to-date on what's happening with eHealth in the state and give you information to help you make the right decisions for you about your health information. Learn how to get directly involved in policy decisions as they are being discussed in NY.

ehealth4ny is a resource for all New Yorkers – patients, consumer and health advocacy groups, policy makers, health care providers, the media – that you can use to find an eHealth network near you, eHealth brochures, eHealth policy proposals at the national, state and local levels, updates on eHealth services, videos, news alerts, and other materials. We want you to be informed, get involved and make good choices about using eHealth.