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What's happening in NY?

As eHealth policies and health information networks continue to develop, it is important to stay informed about the latest on eHealth in New York. Come here to find news and articles related to eHealth in NY.  Also, we have links to sites that are devoted to New Yorkers’ health and are updated with important new developments in the state related to eHealth.

Here are two good sources of eHealth news in New York:

The New York State Department of Health is the main agency charged with developing and implementing New York’s health information technology (health IT) strategy.

The New York eHealth Collaborative (NyeC) was founded by health care leaders across the state, with leadership and support from the New York State Department of Health, as a public-private partnership that serves as a place for health care stakeholders to build consensus on state eHealth policy priorities, and collaborate on eHealth implementation efforts.

News Highlights:

4/16/10 State Awards $18.5M to Healthcare Workforce Retraining

- The State Health Department announced the awarding of $18.5 million in new grants to help train and transition health industry workers for positions where there are shortages or where new skills are needed due to changes in the health care system.
[via Department of Health]

4/14/10 Buffalo Expands Reach of eHealth

- Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and Mount St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston (N.Y.) have joined HEALTHeLINK, bringing the number of hospitals participating in the Buffalo RHIO to 16.
[via Health and Data Management]

3/25/10 HHS Adds to List of Data Breaches

- The Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services has added five more organizations to a Web page listing covered entities that have reported breaches of unsecured protected health information affecting more than 500 individuals. OCR launched the page in February with the listings of 47 organizations.
[via Health and Data Management]

3/10/10 BlueCross BlueShield of Western N.Y. To Launch Telemedicine Programs

- One of the largest insurers in Western New York has announced plans to introduce a service allowing patients to consult online with physicians 24 hours a day.
[via Buffalo News]

2/19/10 Governor, Health Commissioner Announce $70 Million in Grants for Health Information Technology Implementation

- Governor David A. Paterson and State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D., announced three major federal funding awards totaling $70 million through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for health information technology in New York.
[via New York State Department of Health]

2/1/10 New Health Department Initiative Helps Physicians Fill the Prevention Gap

- The Health Department’s Primary Care Information Project (PCIP) announced the launch of a new program to help primary-care physicians combat preventable health problems. PCIP has equipped more than 1,700 New York City medical practices with electronic health records that highlight patients’ health risks before they cause acute conditions such as heart attack or stroke.
[via New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene]

1/21/10 Accelerating the Use of Electronic Health Records in Physician Practices

- North Shore Hospital System on Long Island in New York recently announced that it will pay an incentive to each physician in its network who adopts its electronic health record (EHR).
[via New England Journal of Medicine]

12/09/09 New York to Receive Funds for Electronic Health Record Incentives Program

- In another step to further states’ role in developing a robust U.S. health information technology (HIT) infrastructure, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that New York’s Medicaid program will receive federal matching funds for state planning activities necessary to implement the electronic health record incentive program established by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
[via Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services]

11/23/09 HHS Announces New Health IT Workforce Grants

- The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in the Department of Health and Human Services announced the availability of two additional grant programs to support the training and development of the skilled workforce required to support broad adoption and use of health information technology.
[via HHS]

11/17/09 New York's eHealth Collaborative Heads Toward More Connectivity

- State eHealth collaboratives across the country are gearing up to submit their operational plans for the health information exchange (HIE) portion of the federal stimulus funds under the HITECH Act. New York eHealth collaborative (NYeC) is no exception, but it finds itself at a critical juncture.
[via Healthcare IT News]

10/26/09 New York eHealth Collaborative Appoints New Executive Director

- The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) today announced the appointment of its new Executive Director, Mr. David L. Whitlinger.
[via New York eHealth Collaborative]

10/8/09 EHR Initiative Aims To Boost Care, Cut Costs in Western New York

- Doctors affiliated with the University of Buffalo are teaming up with a local IT company on a project that is intended to help identify patients at increased risk of kidney disease. The project could save Medicare more than $150 million annually.
[via iHealthBeat]

9/28/09 New York Hospital Group To Offer Subsidies for Physician EHR Adoption

- Today, the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System announced that it will offer subsidies of up to $40,000 each to help its 7,000 affiliated physicians adopt electronic health records. Because of its size, the initiative will be closely watched, industry analysts say.
[via New York Times]

8/04/09 Blumenthal Discusses Efforts To Promote EHR Adoption Nationwide

- In a recent interview, National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal said officials will continue to gather feedback on the pace of electronic health record adoption. He also said younger physicians could promote EHR use among their older colleagues.
[via iHealthBeat]

7/31/09 Most States Using Electronic Disease Monitoring Systems

- According to CDC's weekly status report, 40 states now have operational electronic disease surveillance systems. Of those states, 34 are using a combination of systems to conduct disease surveillance and report public health data to the federal government.
[via iHealthBeat]

7/30/09 FTC Delays Enforcement of 'Red Flags' Identity Theft Protection Rule

- For the third time, the Federal Trade Commission has pushed back the compliance deadline for its "Red Flags" identity theft protection rule. The agency says health care providers must comply with the rule because they accept deferred payments.
[via Health Data Management]

7/28/09 Stimulus Package Steps Up Health Data Privacy & Security

- The federal stimulus package places more stringent privacy and security regulations on facilities that handle protected health information. Experts say that health care facilities have focused mainly on the stimulus package funding rather than security provisions and that facilities could face significant penalties if they do not comply with the new rules.
[via iHealthbeat]

7/21/09 Health Centers Launch EHR Data Exchanges in Connecticut and NYC

- In Connecticut, 20 hospitals are joining with physicians, employers and insurers to debut a statewide health information exchange. And eleven hospitals and other health facilities in New York City are launching a clinical data network.
[via iHealthbeat]

6/30/09 NYC Could Be Hub for Nationwide Health IT Expansion, Study Says

- A new study suggests that New York City could serve as a model for national health IT growth. The study's authors call for New York's Economic Development Corporation to invest in health IT as a measure to strengthen the city's economy.
[via iHealthBeat]

6/29/09 New York Hospital Employs Remote Hosting Service

- New York-Presbyterian Hospital has completed a partial switch of its IT infrastructure to a remote hosting service.
[via Healthcare IT News]

6/02/09 NYC Paves the Way on eHealth Extension Centers

- The Primary Care Information Project (PCIP), a program started in 2007 by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, supports the adoption of health IT among primary care providers.
[via Government Health IT]

5/15/09 eHealth Advocate to Head CDC

- President Obama has named Dr. Thomas Frieden, M.D., an infectious disease specialist former New York City Health Commissioner, as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
[via Health Data Management]

4/29/09 NYC to add substance abuse screening tool to EHR

- The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will integrate a new substance abuse screening tool into the city's electronic health record system.
[via Government Health IT]

4/09/09 Governor Paterson Announces $60 Million in New Funding for Health Information Technology Projects

- Governor David A. Paterson announced that New York State will provide $60 million for projects that promote the use of health information technology (IT) in patient-centered medical homes.
[via New York State Website]

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What's new in eHealth nationwide?

Here are sources of national eHealth news:

iHealthBeat is a free, daily news source that reports on how technology affects health care. It is part of the California HealthCare Foundation.

The eHealth Initative is a good source for keeping up with eHealth news. It is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to drive improvement in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare through information and information technology.

The Center for Democracy and Technology has updates on legislation, policy, reports, articles and news related to information technology. It works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age.

The Markle Foundation Weekly Digest reports on information technology news and developments including eHealth (health IT).

News Highlights:

4/13/10 Survey Tracks National PHR Use

- One in 14 Americans--seven percent--have used a personal health record, according to national survey of 1,849 people taken during December 2009 and January 2010.
[via California Health Care Foundation]

4/06/10 Feds Fund 28 More Extension Centers

- The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has announced $267 million in grants to 28 not-for-profit organizations to develop and operate health information technology regional extension centers, which will offer technical assistance to providers implementing electronic health records and other I.T. systems.
[via Health Data Management]

4/05/10 eHealth Education Gets $144 Millions

- Multiple community colleges and four-year universities have received a total of $144 million in stimulus funding to support programs aimed at achieving widespread adoption and meaningful use of health information technology.
[via Health Data Management]

3/26/10 Six States Get Federal Matching Funds for EHR Incentive Programs

- CMS has awarded federal stimulus matching funds to Colorado, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Utah and Wyoming for planning activities related to the implementation of a Medicaid electronic health record incentive program.
[via Healthcare IT News]

3/24/10 Feds Want Input on Health IT Strategic Plan

- The Health IT Policy Committee's Strategic Plan workgroup will hold a three-hour "listening session" to April 6 to get feedback on a draft update to the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan.
[via Health and Data Management]

3/22/10 House OKs Senate Health Reform Bill with Health IT Measures

- Last night, the House voted 219-212 to approve the Senate health reform bill, which now goes to President Obama to be signed into law. The legislation calls for significant changes to HIPAA transaction standards and requires HHS to develop a unique health plan identifier, as well as electronic funds transfers and claims attachment standards.
[via iHealthbeat]

3/12/10 First Lady Launches App Initiative To Teach Kids About Health, Nutrition

- First lady Michelle Obama recently launched the Apps for Healthy Kids competition in an effort to encourage software and game designers to come up with innovative ways to teach children about the importance of health and nutrition through digital mediums.
[via Healthcare IT News]

3/11/10 ONC Kicks Off Public Comment Period for EHR Certification Rule

- The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT published a proposed rule creating both a temporary and a permanent program to approve entities to certify electronic health records. The public will have 30 days to comment on the temporary program and 60 days to comment on the permanent one.
[via iHealthBeat]

3/09/10 Stimulus Programs Aim at Health IT Problems

- Hoping to avoid future problems as well as educate the public about current ones, the federal government is aiming stimulus funding at efforts in the national campaign to move the health care industry into the digital age.
[via iHealthBeat]

3/08/10 Consumers weigh in on top 10 meaningful use arguments

- A Washington-based advocacy group has collected consumer and employer perspectives on the top 10 arguments concerning meaningful use.
[via Healthcare IT News]

3/3/10 Kaiser Announces Full Launch of Electronic Health Records System -

Now that Kaiser Permanente's HealthConnect EHR system is up and running in all of its hospitals and medical offices, officials at the California-based HMO assert that it is the largest private sector EHR system in the world. The project cost $4 billion over 10 years.
[via Kaiser Permanente]

3/3/10 ONC to expedite EHR certification -

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at HHS will exercise the authority it was given by Congress and expedite the authorization of organizations for the certification of electronic health-records systems under the federal stimulus law.
[via Modern Healthcare]

3/01/10 In Focus: Health Care Institutions Are Slowly Learning to Listen to Consumers

- Many hospitals have been slow to solicit patient input to improve the quality of their care for fear that doing so will be costly, invite complaints, and drain already limited staff time and resources. But research has found that feedback from patients and family members has the potential to improve patient safety and health outcomes while reducing operating costs.
[via Commonwealth Fund]

2/26/10 ONC unveils ‘popHealth’ for EHR-based quality reporting -

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT began making available the “popHealth” software. It is designed to make it easier for providers to submit summary quality measures or data to public health organizations and federal agencies as part of their existing workflow.
[via Government Health IT]

2/22/10 Medical Paper Trail Takes Electronic Turn -

Hospital systems around the country are taking advantage of financial incentives to foster the creation and use of electronic records.
[via New York Times]

2/19/10 HHS Licenses Software for Regional Health IT Extension Centers -

HHS has licensed customer relationship management services and project management software for use in regional health IT extension centers.
[via Health Data Management]

2/17/10 First ONC privacy officer under stimulus law -

Joy Pritts, a lawyer, privacy researcher and Georgetown University faculty member, has been named as the first chief privacy officer to HHS' Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information.
[via Modern Healthcare]

2/16/10 HHS Extends Contract, Pushes Ahead With EHR Adoption -

The Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel and HHS have agreed to extend HITSP's contract, allowing the groups to continue their collaboration on electronic health records adoption and interoperability.
[via iHealthBeat]

2/12/10 Nearly $1B Investment in Advancing Use of Health IT -

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced a total of nearly $1 billion in Recovery Act awards to help health care providers advance the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology and train workers for the health care jobs of the future.
[via HHS]

2/05/10 Business Associates Will Pay for Breaches -

Companies that do business with health care providers will be directly liable for breaches of protected health information, according to the HHS Office for Civil Rights.
[via Health Leaders Media]

2/05/10 Meaningful use must stretch – not break – providers -

Dr. David Blumenthal, the national health IT coordinator, said that he wants to “stretch” the healthcare community but not “break” it in setting the conditions under which providers can qualify for financial incentives to use health IT.
[via Government Health IT]

2/05/10 Meaningful use must stretch – not break – providers -

Dr. David Blumenthal, the national health IT coordinator, said that he wants to “stretch” the healthcare community but not “break” it in setting the conditions under which providers can qualify for financial incentives to use health IT.
[via Government Health IT]

1/21/10 HHS, Other Government Agencies Post Previously Unreleased Data Online -

As part of the Obama administration's push to make the federal government more open and transparent, HHS and other government agencies today will make available online at least three collections of "high-value" data that have not been previously released.
[via iHealthBeat ]

1/21/10 Next Steps in Federal Health Care IT Efforts -

In a recent interview, National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal discussed revamping the Nationwide Health Information Network to make it more accessible to small health care providers. He also discussed electronic health record certification and the health IT work force.
[via iHealthBeat ]

1/21/10 Senator Asks Hospitals To Detail Health IT-Related Errors -

This week, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a letter asking 31 hospitals to describe problems they have encountered with health IT systems. Grassley also inquired about health IT vendor contracts, liability issues and patient safety concerns.
[via Modern Healthcare]

1/20/10 Electronic Health Records Probe Expands to Hospitals -

A congressional inquiry into plans for spending billions of dollars in stimulus money on digital medical records is now questioning some of the nation’s most prestigious health care providers about possible safety flaws and other problems with the electronic systems.
[via Huffington Post Investigative Fund]

1/12/10 HHS Panel to Give Fresh Spin to Federal Health IT Strategy -

A federal advisory panel to the Health and Human Services Department began considering a framework today to update the Federal Health Information Technology Strategic Plan guiding adoption of electronic health records. The updated plan is expected to be released by October.
[via Federal Computer Week]

1/7/10 Are Doctors Ready for Virtual Visits? -

Telemedicine has the potential to improve care, but many doctors fear it will jeopardize the doctor-patient bond.
[via NY Times]

1/4/10 ONC Announces $38M for Grants Supporting Health IT Work Force -

The grants from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT will fund university-based health IT training programs and the development of a new test aimed at assessing health IT competency. Applications will be due this month.
[via iHealthBeat]

1/4/10 Senate Passes Health Care Reform Bill With Health IT Provisions -

On Christmas Eve, the Senate voted to approve its health care reform legislation. The bill addresses health IT standards, incentives and grants. Efforts to merge the bill with the House's reform bill are expected to begin later this month when lawmakers return from the holiday recess.
[via iHealthBeat]

12/29/09 ‘Meaningful use’ Criteria Released -

HHS issued two sets of much-anticipated federal regulations that significantly further the government's healthcare information technology adoption agenda. The first set of regulations lists the “meaningful use” criteria that healthcare providers must meet to qualify for federal IT subsidies based on how they use their electronic health records.
[via Modern Healthcare]

12/22/09 HHS To Award $60M To Bolster Innovative Health IT Research -

The Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects program, or SHARP, aims to support research that strives to break down barriers to health IT adoption and "meaningful use." The grants will target projects related to security, clinical decision support, health data exchange and secondary use of electronic health data. Applications are due Jan. 25, 2010.
[via Modern Healthcare]

12/14/09 Study: EHR Adoption Does Not Always Lead to Efficiency Gains -

A new Milbank Quarterly study examined hundreds of electronic health record projects across the globe and found that the systems often failed to achieve expected gains in health care efficiency. The researchers did not recommend returning to paper-based record systems but suggested that policymakers should explore new strategies for capturing complex clinical data.
[via Healthcare IT News]

12/10/09 HHS Unveils New Web Projects Under Open Government Effort -

In response to President Obama's new open government initiative, HHS plans to launch three new initiatives aimed at improving information sharing, project collaboration and public health awareness. Meanwhile, a new progress report on the open government initiative cited several health IT efforts as examples of effective government transparency.
[via iHealthBeat]

12/03/09 HHS To Award $235M To Boost Local Models for EHR Adoption -

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that her department would award $235 million to help health care organizations serve as models for electronic health record adoption in their communities. The program will award $220 million in grants to 15 nonprofit groups or government entities. Applications for the program are due in February.
[via Federal Computer Week]

12/03/09 New Social Networking Site Targets Those With Mental Health Issues -

The new Mental Health Social site allows people with mental health issues and their caregivers to connect in an anonymous online environment. The site includes blogs, chats, forums and instant messaging. It also allows users to create private discussion groups.
[via iHealthBeat]

11/24/09 HHS To Award $80M To Support, Strengthen Health IT Work Force -

This morning, National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal announced that HHS will provide $70 million for the development of community college health IT training programs and has allocated another $10 million to create educational materials to support the new training programs. The funding was authorized under the federal stimulus package.
[via iHealthBeat]

11/24/09 HHS Launches New Blog: Health IT Buzz -

Dr. David Blumenthal, HHS’ National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, announced the launch of Health IT Buzz, a new blog that will allow readers to learn more about health information technology and provide a space for consumers, providers, policymakers, and technology experts to share their ideas and concerns regarding health IT.
[via HHS]

11/24/09 Federal Government Announces Launch of New Health IT Blog -

HHS unveiled a new blog to help update the public on the work of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. The Health IT Buzz blog also will provide a forum for consumers, health providers and others to share their input regarding health IT.
[via Healthcare IT News]

11/20/09 E-Health Records Do Not Reduce Hospitals' Costs, Study Finds -

A new study finds that electronic health records have not generated significant cost savings for most U.S. hospitals. According to the study, many hospitals actually saw administrative costs rise following EHR implementation. Researchers say that health IT tools are not yet achieving their expected potential because they often focus on billing rather than patient care.
[via Reuters]

11/12/09 CCHIT Continuing Role as Major EHR Certifier Amid HITECH Talks

- Although the government has yet to appoint official electronic health record certifiers, the Certification Commission for Health IT is continuing to offer its certification programs. CCHIT recently launched a new program geared toward "meaningful use."
[via iHealthBeat]

11/9/09 HHS Seeking Contractor To Advance Nationwide Health Data Network

- HHS recently announced that it is seeking a sole-source bridge contractor to help the agency prepare the Nationwide Health Information Network for full production. The agency also plans to award a series of competitive contracts by the end of the year.
[via Federal Computer Week]

11/6/09 House Subcommittee Approves Legislation To Step Up Cybersecurity

- The House Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation approved a bill designed to boost oversight of the country's electronic infrastructure. The bill includes an amendment to conduct identity management research and standards development on health IT systems.
[via iHealthBeat]

10/29/09 ONC Wants To Survey Consumers on Health Information Sharing

- A notice in yesterday's Federal Register proposes surveying about 2,500 Americans about their opinions on health information exchange. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT plans to release a report and hold a Web seminar on the findings. Government Health IT.
[via Government IT Health]

10/26/09 Consumer Health IT Tools Can Boost Health Outcomes, Study Finds

- A new Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality study finds that health IT tools can help improve outcomes for many diseases and health conditions. The researchers recommended studying how Web 2.0 tools, social networking and health gaming technology can affect health outcomes.
[via Government IT Health]

10/20/09 Blumenthal: Savings From Health IT To Exceed CBO's Estimates

- National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal said he expects the savings realized from health IT adoption to "far exceed" the Congressional Budget Office's projection of about $12 billion over 10 years, an estimate some analysts have thought is too high. Blumenthal reiterated President Obama's goal of providing all Americans with an electronic health record by 2014.
[via iHealthBeat]

10/14/09 Blumenthal: Health IT Standards Fundamental to Health Reform

- Today, National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal told Health IT Standards Committee members that their efforts to develop uniform health IT specifications will be key to national health care reform. Blumenthal also said the federal government aims to promote the Nationwide Health Information Network as a public resource for all health IT stakeholders.
[via Healthcare IT News]

10/8/09 Blumenthal: Health IT Growth Could Create 50,000 New Jobs

- Speaking during the American Health Information Management Association's annual conference, National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal said he expects about 50,000 new positions to open in the health IT industry. Blumenthal also said he expects to soon announce a work force training program designed to boost the ranks of health IT professionals.
[via Healthcare IT News]

10/7/09 Blumenthal: Health IT Growth Could Create 50,000 New Jobs

- Speaking during the American Health Information Management Association's annual conference, National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal said he expects about 50,000 new positions to open in the health IT industry. Blumenthal also said he expects to soon announce a work force training program designed to boost the ranks of health IT professionals.
[via Healthcare IT News]

10/7/09 CCHIT To Certify Self-Developed EHR Systems Through New Program

- Health care providers that develop or customize their own electronic health record systems could seek certification from a new program offered by the Certification Commission for Health IT. CCHIT says it plans to launch the new program in mid-2010.
[via Government Health IT]

10/6/09 AHIMA Releases Bill of Rights for Health Data Privacy Protections

- The American Health Information Management Association's new Health Information Bill of Rights declares that patients have the right to access their health data, expect privacy protections and seek legal compensation for data breaches. The group plans to offer health care providers a certification showing that they agree to comply with the guidelines.
[via Modern Healthcare]

10/6/09 Finance Committee Bill Includes Proposal on HIPAA E-Transactions

- The Senate Finance Committee's health care reform bill includes a proposal to standardize operating rules for HIPAA transactions. The legislation also aims to add electronic fund transfers for claims payments to the definition of HIPAA transactions.
[via Health Data Management]

10/5/09 New HHS Guidance Lays Out Steps To Comply With Data Breach Rule

- Last week, HHS detailed how HIPAA-covered entities would go about reporting data breaches under a new rule that took effect last month. The federal economic stimulus package mandated the new rule, which won't be enforced until February 2010.
[via iHealthBeat]

10/2/09 Blumenthal Sends Open E-Mail Updating Public on 'Meaningful Use'

- In an open e-mail, National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal called for health care providers to familiarize themselves with current "meaningful use" recommendations. He said providers should begin moving toward EHR adoption.
[via Government Health IT]

9/30/09 Consensus Needed on EHR Access, Privacy Issues, Panelists Say

- Yesterday, panelists at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce health IT forum said electronic health record adoption is moving at a slow pace because industry leaders and policymakers have yet to resolve issues related to EHR access and privacy.
[via iHealthBeat]

9/30/09 Community Health Centers To Receive $27.8M for Health IT

- Yesterday, HHS' Health Resources and Services Administration announced that it will award $27.8 million in grants to help 27 community health centers adopt electronic health record systems. The grants also aim to help safety-net clinics achieve improved patient outcomes, create health data exchanges and implement dental health IT tools.
[via Health Data Management]

9/23/09 Health IT Tools Could Reduce Disparities in Care, Official Says

- Garth Graham, HHS deputy assistant secretary of minority health, said the government and other stakeholders could use electronic health records, telemedicine tools and Web sites to reduce health care disparities among low-income and minority populations.
[via Healthcare IT News]

9/22/09 U.S. Trails Other Countries in Health IT Progress, Study Finds

- A new study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation finds that the U.S. is far behind international best practices in health IT adoption. Researchers say the U.S. should look to countries such as Denmark, Finland and Sweden for health IT strategies.
[via Government Technology]

9/22/09 Health Data Breach Notification Rules To Take Effect This Week

- Tomorrow, HHS is scheduled to implement a rule requiring health care providers to alert patients of health data security breaches. On Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission is scheduled to implement a companion rule that will apply to personal health record vendors and other entities not covered under HIPAA privacy and security regulations.
[via iHealthBeat]

9/21/09 Enforcement of New HIPAA Privacy, Security Rules Remains Unclear

- The federal economic stimulus package calls for HHS to conduct audits to ensure that covered entities are complying with the strengthened HIPAA privacy and security rules. However, officials have yet to issue guidance on how they plan to conduct such audits.
[via iHealthBeat]

9/17/09 Interest in Health IT Is High, but Challenges Remain, Experts Say

- This week, experts at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's annual conference discussed how the stimulus package could affect the future of health IT. Participants said incentive payments could spur widespread adoption of electronic health records.
[via Healthcare IT News]

9/17/09 Sen. Baucus' Health Reform Bill Includes Health IT Provisions

- Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus' health reform proposal includes several measures designed to spur health IT adoption. For example, the proposed bill would extend health IT incentives to health care providers not included in the federal economic stimulus package and provide new bonuses to Medicare Advantage providers who use health IT tools.
[via iHealthBeat]

9/15/09 Study: Electronic Drug Interaction Alerts Can Improve Patient Safety

- Although health care providers override more than 90% of electronic medication interaction alerts, such notices help prevent adverse drug events and reduce the costs of outpatient care, according to a recent study. Modern Medicine.
[via Modern Medicine]

9/14/09 Consumers Don’t Understand of Health IT

- A new report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality finds that government officials should do more to improve public awareness about how health IT can affect the quality of medical care.
[via Government Health IT]

9/10/09 Digital Health Records: The Hard Road Ahead

- The government's goal of computerizing patient medical records is a daunting challenge for reasons that have more to do with economics than technology.
[via NY Times]

9/10/09 Institute of Medicine Report Calls for EHR Data Collection on Race, Ethnicity, Language

- The Institute of Medicine is calling on HHS to include data on ethnicity, race and language proficiency in its electronic health record standards.
[via Government Health IT]

9/09/09 CCHIT Poised to Begin New Certification Programs

- The Certification Commission for Health IT said it has updated its comprehensive electronic health record certification program for 2011. The group also plans to offer preliminary certification to help EHR systems meet forthcoming regulations on "meaningful use." CCHIT said it will provide incremental inspections to help EHRs meet final federal requirements.
[via Healthcare IT News]

8/28/09 ONC Offers Guidance on Grants for Health IT Extension Centers

- In a Web conference yesterday, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT discussed its plans to award nearly $600 million in grants to establish 70 regional health IT extension centers nationwide.
[via Government Health IT]

8/27/09 Grants Aim To Improve HIV/AIDS Care Through Health IT Initiatives

- The Stevens Institute of Technology will receive $2.8 million to develop electronic systems to coordinate care for HIV-positive minority women. Meanwhile, the Northwest Pennsylvania AIDS Alliance will receive $45,188 to develop a new computer network.
[via iHealthBeat]

8/24/09 Despite Health IT Funding, Many EHR Adoption Obstacles Remain

- Last week, Vice President Biden and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced $1.2 billion in grants to help hospitals and physicians implement electronic health record systems. However, health care providers say they are hesitant to invest in EHRs before the government issues final standards on how they can demonstrate "meaningful use" of EHR systems.
[via The Hill]

8/12/09 Some Industry Experts Say Health Data Privacy Laws Should Be Updated

- Current privacy laws are becoming more outdated as health care providers transition to electronic health records, experts say. Former National Coordinator for Health IT David Brailer recommends updating the rules to give patients more control of their health data.
[via iHealthBeat]

8/11/09 Work Group To Provide Guidance on Health IT for Care Transitions

- The National Transitions of Care Coalition recently formed a work group to evaluate how health IT can help patients transition between different health providers or facilities. The coalition hopes to influence policymakers as they work on health reform.
[via iHealthBeat]

8/10/09 Stimulus Package Addresses Medical Data Sales, Patient Privacy

- Under the economic stimulus package, pharmacies and other health groups could face tighter restrictions for selling personal prescription information to drugmakers and data-mining firms and government agencies currently are working to develop final rules on the matter.
[via iHealthBeat]

7/21/09 Health Centers Launch EHR Data Exchanges in Connecticut and NYC

- In Connecticut, 20 hospitals are joining with physicians, employers and insurers to debut a statewide health information exchange. And eleven hospitals and other health facilities in New York City are launching a clinical data network.
[via iHealthbeat]

7/16/09 Work Group Calls for Certification of Health Information Exchanges

- Last week, a Health IT Policy Committee work group recommended that health data exchanges should meet "meaningful use" criteria for electronic health records. The group said this requirement could help health care providers tap into certified EHR systems.
[via Health Data Management]

7/15/09 Report Calls for Federal Standard on Paper Files During Transition to Electronic Records

- Yesterday, the vendor Iron Mountain issued a white paper suggesting that the federal government could reduce health care costs and ease the transition to electronic health records by imposing a single federal standard for paper record retention.

7/15/09 Health IT Investment Key to Health Reform

- Janet Marchibroda, IBM's chief health care officer, and Simon Stevens, chair of the UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform, told attendees at a recent Alliance for Health Reform meeting that health IT is critical to the health care reform efforts being considered in Congress.
[via Government Health IT]

7/10/09 Senate OKs Amendment To Let U.S. Residents Buy Prescription Drugs Online

- Yesterday, the Senate approved an amendment to the $42.9 billion Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill that would allow U.S. residents to purchase lower-cost prescription drugs online from pharmacies in Canada. The Senate later approved the appropriations bill.
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7/09/09 Study Indicates 45,000 Physicians Qualify for Medicaid IT Stimulus Funds

- A study by George Washington University estimates that about 45,000 U.S. physicians could each receive up to $63,750 in Medicaid incentive payments if they demonstrate "meaningful use" of electronic health records and at least 30% of their patients are Medicaid beneficiaries.
[via Health Leaders Media]

7/08/09 Hospitals' Transition to Electronic Health Records Often Difficult

- Hospitals looking to implement electronic health records often face an array of challenges, including high costs, physician resistance and workflow changes. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh spent $10 million over seven years to transition to computerized health records.
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7/06/09 Lawsuit Filed Over Stimulus Package's Health IT Provisions

- A registered nurse has filed a lawsuit against three Obama administration officials alleging that the federal stimulus package's eHealth provisions violate patients' rights to privacy, due process and personal security. The suit also alleges that the stimulus package violates the HIPAA medical privacy rule.
[via iHealthBeat]

7/01/09 Latest Round of Stimulus Grants Will Help Fund EHR Efforts

- Michelle Obama, the First Lady, announced $851 million in federal stimulus grants for community health centers this week.
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Here is a calendar of upcoming events related to eHealth both in NY State and around the country. 

04/14/2010 Teleconference National eHealth Collaborative Stakeholder Forum and Board of Directors Meeting
04/19/2010 Online Webinar on ONC?s Health Information Exchange Projects
04/21/2010 Washington, DC ONC's Health IT Policy Advisory Panel Meeting
04/21/2010 Washington, DC ONC's Health IT Standards Panel Meeting
04/30/2010 Online ONC Work Group Meeting on Health IT Implementation
06/22/2010 Washington, DC eHealth Initiative's Health Information Exchange Meeting