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What's happening in NY?

As eHealth policies and health information networks continue to develop, it is important to stay informed about the latest on eHealth in New York. Come here to find news and articles related to eHealth in NY.  Also, we have links to sites that are devoted to New Yorkers’ health and are updated with important new developments in the state related to eHealth.

News Archive:

7/21/09 Health Centers Launch EHR Data Exchanges in Connecticut and NYC

- In Connecticut, 20 hospitals are joining with physicians, employers and insurers to debut a statewide health information exchange. And eleven hospitals and other health facilities in New York City are launching a clinical data network.
[via iHealthbeat]

6/30/09 NYC Could Be Hub for Nationwide Health IT Expansion, Study Says

- A new study suggests that New York City could serve as a model for national health IT growth. The study's authors call for New York's Economic Development Corporation to invest in health IT as a measure to strengthen the city's economy.
[via iHealthBeat]

6/29/09 New York Hospital Employs Remote Hosting Service

- New York-Presbyterian Hospital has completed a partial switch of its IT infrastructure to a remote hosting service.
[via Healthcare IT News]

6/02/09 NYC Paves the Way on eHealth Extension Centers

- The Primary Care Information Project (PCIP), a program started in 2007 by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, supports the adoption of health IT among primary care providers.
[via Government Health IT]

5/15/09 eHealth Advocate to Head CDC

- President Obama has named Dr. Thomas Frieden, M.D., an infectious disease specialist former New York City Health Commissioner, as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
[via Health Data Management]

4/29/09 NYC to add substance abuse screening tool to EHR

- The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will integrate a new substance abuse screening tool into the city's electronic health record system.
[via Government Health IT]

4/09/09 Governor Paterson Announces $60 Million in New Funding for Health Information Technology Projects

- Governor David A. Paterson announced that New York State will provide $60 million for projects that promote the use of health information technology (IT) in patient-centered medical homes.
[via New York State Website]

3/25/09 ehealth4ny Website Launched - New York Releases Informational Materials on eHealth for Consumers and the Public

- A timely, online resource for New Yorkers to learn about electronic health information.
[via ehealth4ny]

11/25/08 New York Issues Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures for Regional Health Information Organizations and their Participants in New York State

- Standardized consumer consent policies and procedures for RHIOs (Regional Health Information Organizations) in New York State
[via NYeC]

3/03/08 New York Awards $105M in Health Information Technology Grants

- Governor David A. Paterson announced that $105 million in grants have been awarded to nineteen leading community-based health information technology (IT) projects.
[via New York State Website]



What's new in eHealth nationwide?

News Archive:

7/21/09 Health Centers Launch EHR Data Exchanges in Connecticut and NYC

- In Connecticut, 20 hospitals are joining with physicians, employers and insurers to debut a statewide health information exchange. And eleven hospitals and other health facilities in New York City are launching a clinical data network.
[via iHealthbeat]

7/16/09 Work Group Calls for Certification of Health Information Exchanges

- Last week, a Health IT Policy Committee work group recommended that health data exchanges should meet "meaningful use" criteria for electronic health records. The group said this requirement could help health care providers tap into certified EHR systems.
[via Health Data Management]

7/15/09 Report Calls for Federal Standard on Paper Files During Transition to Electronic Records

- Yesterday, the vendor Iron Mountain issued a white paper suggesting that the federal government could reduce health care costs and ease the transition to electronic health records by imposing a single federal standard for paper record retention.

7/15/09 Health IT Investment Key to Health Reform

- Janet Marchibroda, IBM's chief health care officer, and Simon Stevens, chair of the UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform, told attendees at a recent Alliance for Health Reform meeting that health IT is critical to the health care reform efforts being considered in Congress.
[via Government Health IT]

7/10/09 Senate OKs Amendment To Let U.S. Residents Buy Prescription Drugs Online

- Yesterday, the Senate approved an amendment to the $42.9 billion Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill that would allow U.S. residents to purchase lower-cost prescription drugs online from pharmacies in Canada. The Senate later approved the appropriations bill.
[via iHealthBeat]

7/09/09 Study Indicates 45,000 Physicians Qualify for Medicaid IT Stimulus Funds

- A study by George Washington University estimates that about 45,000 U.S. physicians could each receive up to $63,750 in Medicaid incentive payments if they demonstrate "meaningful use" of electronic health records and at least 30% of their patients are Medicaid beneficiaries.
[via Health Leaders Media]

7/08/09 Hospitals' Transition to Electronic Health Records Often Difficult

- Hospitals looking to implement electronic health records often face an array of challenges, including high costs, physician resistance and workflow changes. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh spent $10 million over seven years to transition to computerized health records.
[via iHealthBeat]

7/06/09 Lawsuit Filed Over Stimulus Package's Health IT Provisions

- A registered nurse has filed a lawsuit against three Obama administration officials alleging that the federal stimulus package's eHealth provisions violate patients' rights to privacy, due process and personal security. The suit also alleges that the stimulus package violates the HIPAA medical privacy rule.
[via iHealthBeat]

7/01/09 Latest Round of Stimulus Grants Will Help Fund EHR Efforts

- Michelle Obama, the First Lady, announced $851 million in federal stimulus grants for community health centers this week.
[via iHealthBeat]

6/25/09 CMS Fact Sheet Covers Timeline for Health IT Stimulus Provisions

- CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has posted a fact sheet on its website explaining how federal officials will implement the health IT provisions of the Stimulus Bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act).
[via iHealthBeat]

6/24/09 Test Result Notification Hindered by Combining EHRs, Paper Records

- A new study indicates that one in 14 abnormal test results are never reported to patients. Researchers observe that physician practices using both EHRs (electronic health records) and paper files have lower patient notification rates than practices using a single system.
[via iHealthBeat]

6/23/09 Launch of website Promoting Patients Health Information Rights

- A group of bloggers, physicians and advocates launched to encourage policymakers to support initiatives that improve patient access to electronic health records. They also released a Declaration of Health Data Rights.
[via New York Times]

6/19/09 Obama: Health IT Will Be First Step in Health Care Reform Efforts

- Delivering the keynote address during the American Medical Association, President Obama said health IT systems will pave the way for broader health care reform efforts by reducing medical errors and cutting costs.
[via iHealthBeat]

6/08/09 HISPC Releases Guide on Harmonizing State Privacy, Security Rules

- HISPC (Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration) has released a guide for harmonizing state health care privacy and security regulations
[via iHealthbeat]

6/05/09 Chopra will use CTO position to advocate for health IT

- U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra said last week at a conference that he would use his position to support the efforts of National Coordinator for Health IT, David Blumenthal, to advance eHealth
[via Government Health IT]

6/01/09 Criteria for 'Meaningful Use' of Electronic Health Records Expected Soon

- Widespread and meaningful use of electronic health records is necessary for changing how health care is delivered and will be an important part of health care reform. CCHIT (Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology) has issued a guide their certification criteria for qualified electronic health records.
[via CCHIT]

5/27/09 ONC To Develop Online Model To Educate Public

- The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT plans to start awarding contracts to establish a set of regional health information technology extension centers between October and December of this year.
[via iHealthBeat]

5/22/09 ONC Gears Up To Award Health IT Extension Center Contracts

- The ONC operation plan outlines immediate actions to meet statutory requirements with hearings and meetings to follow to develop and vet plans and procedures.
[via Government Health IT]

5/20/09 ONC Issues Plan for Stimulus eHealth Provisions

- The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT plans to develop an online personal health record model designed to help the public better understand personal health records.
[via US Department of Health and Human Services]

5/15/09 eHealth Advocate to Head CDC

- President Obama has named Dr. Thomas Frieden, M.D., an infectious disease specialist former New York City Health Commissioner, as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
[via Health Data Management]

5/14/09 Health IT Vendor Group Launches Stimulus Education Campaign

- The EHR Stimulus Alliance (a collation of health care IT vendors) aims to convince physicians that embracing health care IT will help meet President Obama's goals of improving health care quality, safety and efficiency.
[via iHealthBeat]

4/27/09 Open-Source eHealth Record Bill Introduced in Senate

- Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Chair Jay Rockefeller (D) introduced a bill designed to facilitate nationwide adoption of electronic health records by building upon the Department of Veterans Affairs' use of open-source electronic health records.
[via iHealthBeat]

4/22/09 Despite Privacy Fears, Public Wants Digital Medicine

- According to poll, most Americans think making doctors use computers to track, share and maintain medical information is the right thing to do, even though they don't think they'll save money and they anticipate significant breaches of privacy.
[via National Public Radio]

4/09/09 Newly Named Health IT Chief Addresses Federal Stimulus Funding

- National Coordinator, David Blumenthal, issues statement addressing Health Information Technology and the Federal Stimulus Bill.
[via New England Journal of Medicine]

4/09/09 Stimulus Act Keeps Attendance High at 2009 HIMSS Conference

- Stephen Lieber, president and CEO of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), attributed the healthy turnout at the trade association's annual conference in Chicago to interest in health IT provisions of the federal stimulus package.
[via iHealthBeat]

4/06/09 Adopting e-health records could cost more than anticipated

- Though the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) provided $17 billion for payments to clinicians and hospitals through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, actual spending could be more than double that figure, depending on the rate of e-records adoption, said Dave Roberts, HIMSS vice president for government relations.
[via NextGov]

4/03/09 GAO Announces Appointments to Health Information Technology Policy Committee

- Gene L. Dodaro, Acting Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.S. GAO (Government Accountability Office), announced the appointment of thirteen members to the Health Information Technology Policy Committee, a new advisory body established by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
[via US Government Accountability Office]

3/25/09 U.S. Hospital Use of Electronic Health Records Abysmally Low, Says New Study

- Contrary to conventional wisdom, only a tiny fraction of U.S. hospitals have full health information technology (HIT) systems in place to improve how they deliver care, says a new study.
[via Robert Wood Johnson Foundation]

3/20/09 HHS Names David Blumenthal As National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

- The Department of Health and Human Services announced the selection of David Blumenthal, M.D., M.P.P. as the Obama Administration's choice for National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.
[via US Department of Health and Human Services]

2/23/09 Much of Funding for ONC Left Up to Health IT Chief, HHS Secretary

- The economic stimulus package that President Obama signed gives the national coordinator for health IT and HHS secretary wide discretion on how to spend the $2 billion appropriated to the office under the new law.
[via iHealthBeat]

12/15/08 HHS press release on Privacy Framework & Toolkit

- In a keynote address to the Nationwide Health Information Network Forum, Health and Human Services Secretary Leavitt announced key privacy principles and a toolkit to guide efforts to harness the potential of new technology and more effective data analysis, while protecting privacy.
[via US Department of Health and Human Services]


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